About Us

Our retail store location is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We have the best prices on chips for meetings and a wide selection of personal medallions, books, hats, gifts, jewelry, book covers, mugs, speaker CD’s and sets, etc!

The Recovery Store opens in Las Vegas

Hi. I am Lisa T.

When I lived in Houston, Texas many years ago, I was the main speaker taper for the AA, Al-Anon, ACOA, CoDA, OA, DA, etc events and created www.12stepcds.com. When I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2008, I recorded several events and found that there were others who were already doing that and so there wasn’t a real need for me to do it anymore. I wanted to open a store called “Awakenings” which would have medallions, books, CD’s I have recorded and edited, as well as other spiritual themed products.

Immediately, I found out about “Genesis” which was the main store for locals to shop at and so again, I didn’t feel there was a need and intuitively didn’t feel it was the time for me to open a store.

4 years ago, Genesis closed and I thought, wow – I should open a store. I prayed and meditated on it and waited for a “yes” and months ago that yes came with an excitement and inspiration that has fueled this opening with such fun and gratitude! When pricing the chips for the meetings, I found out what the best prices were that locals were buying them for on the internet and matched or beat them! My goal is to supply all of the AA and Al-Anon meetings with their monthly and yearly chips at prices that allow more of the group’s money to go to various service tiers of their programs.

We also have a wide variety of AA and NA medallions for yearly celebrations! It has been so exciting buying jewelry, hats, books, key chains, and book covers. We will also keep buying more as we want to really provide a place where there is always something new and helpful to our recovery programs!

All proceeds also go to support The Meeting Space – which is a facility that hosts over 90 meetings a week for several different recovery and otherwise spiritual programs! We also host events to reduce the stigma of addiction and encourage sober and clean socializing!

This is our NEW website. We have thousands of products to add daily to it, so if there is something you have seen in the store and it is not on the website, feel free to call us to do a phone order instead!

At this point, our audio CD’s can be purchased on the old website, 12stepcds.com until we add them here as well. When that happens, we will just forward the old site to this one.

Please help spread the word so that more of us in recovery know about this new resource.

Yours in recovery and service,

Lisa T.