Author: Joe Putignano
A world-class athlete’s harrowing tale of two passions: his ardent love for gymnastics and his intoxicating romance with heroin.  Gritty and raw, this is a story that goes beyond the typical addiction memoir.    A gripping narrative that captures the fragility and tenacity of the human spirit and how Putignano ultimately triumphs in his recovery and redemption.

Follow the author as he goes on a harrowing journey from the US Olympic Training Center to homeless shelters to shooting heroin on the job to being declared dead.

Acrobaddict is a story about the close relationship between athletics and drug addiction – how the same energy, obsession, and dedication that can create an Olympic athlete can also create a homeless drug addict.

Joe Putignano is a performing artist and contortionist who has toured with Cirque du Soleil.   He was the star of the Cirque show, Totem.   Putignano has also appeared on various TV shows and has modeled for many magazines.

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