Anger Management Workbook For Kids


50 Fun Activities to Help Children Stay Calm and Make Better Choices When They Feel Mad (Health and Wellness Workbooks for Kids) 

Author: Samantha Snowden, MA

Show your anger who’s boss ― 50 fun activities about anger management for kids ages 6 to 11

Anger is a normal emotion just like joy, sadness, and fear, but it can be difficult to know how to express those feelings in a good way.   The Anger Management Workbook for Kids  is filled with 50 playful exercises to help you handle powerful emotions.   You can stay calm and make better choices when you feel angry.   Other workbooks about anger management for kids wish they could be this fun!

This workbook about anger management for kids includes:

  • Assorted exercises―Doodle, write, meditate, and make crafts like the Glitter Jar as you work through angry feelings with this delightful workbook about anger management for kids.
  • All about anger―Learn about what anger is, how it feels, how to look out for it, and more.
  • Feel-good habits―In this workbook about anger management for kids, you can explore lots of healthy habits that help you react better in situations that make you mad.

Teach kids how to stop angry feelings in their tracks with the activities in this fun workbook!


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