Babylon Confidential: A Memoir Of Love, Sex, And Addiction


Authors: Claudia Christian & Morgan Grant Buchanan

When actress Claudia Christian flees a troubled childhood and moves to Hollywood at age 17, she steps through the looking glass into another world.

From the set of Dallas to her starring role on the sci-fi series Babylon 5, Claudia’s affairs with billionaires, supermodels, rock stars, and celebrities are mixed with shootings, stalkings, conspiracies, heartbreak, and betrayal.

On set and off, drama follows Claudia — from an alcohol-fueled coke run and makeout session with a bridesmaid the day of her wedding to a 20-year on-and-off relationship with billionaire Dodi Fayed.   Years of the Hollywood lifestyle put Claudia aboard a roller-coaster ride descending into alcohol addiction and a desperate battle to reclaim her life.

Rehabs, alternative treatments, and even hypnotism can’t break the sober-binge cycle of alcohol abuse that threatens Claudia’s life.   In her desperation, she finds The Sinclair Method and a pill that would change her life.

Updated with a new introduction and testimonials of those who have found success with The Sinclair Method, Babylon Confidential  will captivate, shock, and enlighten you — all with a healthy dose of humor.


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