Bottoms Up – A Recovery


Author: Paul C.

This book was written by a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous (37 years) who was approaching the end of his life.   He wanted to write his story down so that others might benefit from his experience, strength, and hope.   Paul completed “Bottoms Up during the late stages of a terminal illness.   He was in a great deal of pain and dependent on oxygen, but he wrote every day, absolutely determined to get his book written and published before it was too late.   He had a real commitment to helping others, the way some had reached out to help him.

Writing this book was one last way for Paul to pay forward what was freely given to him.   Even with a death sentence hanging over him, he did not feel sorry for himself.   In fact he wrote his own obituary.   He only had gratitude for his sobriety and the life he had because of it.   The day after his books arrived from the printer he took a turn for the worse and was taken by ambulance to a hospice house.   He passed away a few days later.

Paul was a gifted A.A. speaker and storyteller, whose stories never failed to move and inspire the people he helped.   This book allowed Paul to tell his story of recovery one last time.   He will remain a helpful companion to people recovering from alcoholism.   If there’s anything in this book that inspires you, makes you think, or assists your recovery in any way, Paul would be delighted.   The only thing he’d ask you to do in return is: Pass it on.

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