Breaking the Ruhls


Author: Larry Ruhl

Breaking the Ruhls  is a profoundly personal memoir that explores the impact of complex trauma on a man’s life.

Larry Ruhl’s father sought comfort from his only son, smothering him not only with his affection but his sexuality, blurring critical boundaries that would prove deeply debilitating.

Larry’s mother, with her spiraling, ever-changing mental illness kept the family in a constant state of anxiety.   By the time Larry graduated from high school, overwhelming sadness and suicidal thoughts took root, plaguing him for decades.

Breaking the Ruhls  will resonate deeply with many who have experienced similar trauma, boundary violations, and abuse within the family.   Ruhl mines his own experiences with sexual confusion, addiction and recovery, relationships, career struggles, and therapeutic breakthroughs while demonstrating it is possible to heal and thrive.


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