Codependency: A Recovery Guide For Codependent Couples


A Recovery Guide For Codependent Couples Trapped In A Flawed Relationship

Author: Jacob Costas

Have you ever thought that you depend excessively on your partner?   Or maybe it’s the other way around and he or she depends way too much on you?

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been several years married, codependency might rear its ugly head and breaking free of the cycle can seem challenging or downright impossible in some cases.

This guide will help you discover amazingly simple little things that you can do, to finally put an end to this unhealthy cycle and get back control of your life.

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book:

  • How to identify if there is a cycle of co-dependency going on in our relationship and how to break free of it
  • Learn how to have healthy boundaries that will strengthen your relationship
  • A practical, step by step program designed to break the cycle of codependency for good and exactly what to do in case of a relapse
  • The proper way to handle conflicts and discussions so that solutions are found quickly and effectively

And much more!

Even if you currently feel completely “stuck” and hopeless, there’s almost always a solution nearby.

Real adult relationships aren’t just about feelings and thrills.   They require some effort plus the consistent desire to grow with our partners even through the tough times.

Learn practical secrets to achieving a lasting love and a happy relationship even if you’re not super creative or a hopeless romantic.