Getting Over Getting Mad


Positive Ways To Manage Anger In Your Most Important Relationships
Author: Judy Ford

Is the stress of life getting you mad?   It’s time for you to have difficult conversations with yourself and with those around you to overcome your anger.

Don’t let anger run your life! We all have issues that weigh heavily in our lives.   Living in constant conflict isn’t something that you were destined for.   If anger is something that you’ve been having a hard time controlling, then this is the book for you.  Judy Ford crafted this book to provide you with practical and reliable tips to help guide you on your journey from anger to peace.

Anger has its benefits.  Throughout time anger has been something that people have wrestled with, and feelings of shame and guilt frequently tend to follow.  But what if anger can be used to help you communicate better in your everyday relationships?  Getting Over Getting Mad  highlights all the places anger can occur – with self, with partners, with children and with work colleagues.   Once you identify the anger you can use the tools in this book to help you talk through that anger.

Personal growth will come.  When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, holding onto and lashing out in anger doesn’t help those already difficult situations.   Judy Ford teaches us that when we choose to recognize our anger and observe (not attack) our feelings, we can free ourselves from responding negatively.   We can then improve our communication with those around us.

Getting Over Getting Mad  can help you take steps toward:

  • Living outside of anger
  • Communicating effectively in the relationships that mean the most to you
  • Reducing your stress


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