Heroin – The First Months of Recovery


Part of the Hazelden Classics for Clients Collection
Author: Lowell Duncan, CCDCR

“In this pamphlet we’ll learn how the heroin lifestyle itself can become addicting, how heroin makes us high, and how heroin addiction compares to addiction to other drugs.  Heroin addicts talk about their experiences with recovery – from hitting rock bottom to abandoning junkie pride to getting through cravings.  We briefly discuss the disease of chemical dependency and the many lifestyle changes needed for recovery

Hazelden has published the best known, most widely used literature that millions in recovery worldwide turn to for help, solace, and inspiration.  Read by those from all backgrounds, our venerable “classic” pamphlets, written in words that echo the Twelve Step slogan “keep it simple,” cover the challenges most often faced by generations on the “Road of Happy Destiny.”

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