How To Like Yourself – A Teen’s Guide


…To Quieting Your Inner Critic & Building Lasting Self-Esteem 

Author: Cherly M. Bradshaw, MA

Teens, don’t let your inner critic get in the way of being confident!   How to Like Yourself  offers a quirky, inspiring, and practical guide to help you overcome feelings of self-criticism, improve self-esteem, and be the true star in your life.

With all the pressures of school, friends, and dating, you’re especially vulnerable to low self-esteem in your teen years.   But often, the biggest threat to your confidence is your own inner critic — whose unrelenting negativity can result in feelings of inadequacy, depression, and anxiety.   This must-have guide offers real ways to help you fight back, be kind to yourself, and move forward with confidence.

Inside, you’ll learn the importance of self-forgiveness, accepting your faults, and how to focus on the things that make you awesome!   You’ll also learn strategies for defeating the dreaded ICK — the inner critic know-it-all who keeps knocking you down — and how to escape the common thought traps that hold you back from feeling good about yourself.

This book unlocks the mystery of the most important relationship you will ever have — the one with yourself!   So, get ready to find your true inner voice.   A kinder, gentler one that will support you as you reach for your goals and create the fabulous life you were meant to live!

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