How To Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed


The No BS Guide For Men

Author: Jonas Horwitz, PhD

In this no-nonsense guide for men, psychologist Jonas Horwitz presents straightforward, jargon-free strategies to help you identify and overcome depression, once and for all.

The damned thing about severe depression is that it takes over your brain, body, and spirit.   It wants you to say to yourself, “There is nothing I can do to make myself feel better.   I am helpless in the face of my problems.”   Even at this very moment your severe depression is whispering in your ear,  “This is all bulls@#t.”   Your depression has lived with you for a long time, and has seldom left your side.   It’s relentlessly pessimistic, and wants you to believe that your misery will never end.   These are the lies your depression is wanting you believe.

With this unique guide, you’ll learn why it’s so important to take your severe depression seriously — just as you would if you had cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any other life-threatening illness.   In addition, by viewing your depression as a separate entity — The Beast — you’ll discover how it tries to trick you when you are most stressed to do things that leave you feeling much more depressed.

You’ll also learn how changing your behavior can actually change your brain chemistry.   And, most importantly, you’ll find actionable solutions to put The Beast in its place so you can start feeling better now!

In order to overcome your depression, you must understand its nature.   This book will help you understand The Beast, stop feeding it, and take back your life.

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