I Heart your Heart Trifold Greeting Card


I Heart your Heart
because…You INSPIRE me to reach + grow + BECOME who I was meant to be
because…You’ve taught me SO MUCH ABOUT love, trust, friendship & hope
because…You have been a witness to my life in progress, ALWAYS showing grace in times when YOU COULD HAVE shown judgment

because…When I think of those who have DEEPLY profoundly affected my life I THINK OF YOU.
because…You ALWAYS know what to say and how to kindly nurture my tender pieces (thank you)
because…You’ve laughed with me, CRIED WITH ME, celebrated with me. You see me clearly, and I see you.

May we ALWAYS be connected in our TRAVELING JOURNEYS and may you always know how deeply you are LOVED.
how YOUR LIFE SHINES BRIGHTLY and how your heart is never alone.
I count my lucky stars for you.

By Artist: Kelly Rae Roberts

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