Let Go, Let Miracles Happen


The Art of Spiritual Surrender
Author: Kathy Cordova

Author Kathy Cordova was an overworked, stressed-out sales executive.   After the birth of her first child, a colicky baby who went through a number of nannies, Cordova finally figured out the Universe was giving her a message – give it up.  She quit her job to become a full-time mom.   And as she adjusted to her new life, Cordova learned the power of miracles through the art of surrender.

Part I of Let Go, Let Miracles Happen   shows readers that surrender is much more powerful – and effective – than constant striving, or toughing it out at all costs.   Based on wisdom drawn from the Bible and contemporary books such as A Course in Miracles, Cordova tells how she discovered and came to accept surrendering her own life.   She guides readers to experience how surrender can actually make them stronger.   Hard to believe in our go-go culture, but literally doing nothing, and fully and deeply accepting circumstances, is often a wiser course of “action.”

The power of waiting, while accepting and surrendering, produces miracles.  “The good news is miracles,” Cordova writes.   “Instead of working so hard to find or create magic in our lives, we can relax, go with the flow, work together in harmony with a greater power than ourselves, and experience more joy and purpose than we ever imagined.   And the formula is simple – love and surrender.”

Part II of Let Go, Let Miracles Happen   is an inspirational collection of stories from people who have suffered everything from addictions to terminal diseases, profound disappointments to perpetual disillusionment, and triumphed. Cordova shows that what they all have in common is that when they learned to surrender, let go, accept and wait, miracles happened.

Let Go, Let Miracles Happen  is sure to earn its place next to other books like the Power of Positive Thinking as one of the great inspirational books on the shelf.