Letting Go Of Anger – Second Edition


The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles And What To Do About Them 

Authors: Ronald T. Potter-Efron, MSW, Ph.D. and Patricia S. Potter-Efron, MS

A Guide to Healthy Anger Expression

How do you express your anger?   Do you blow up?   Quietly seethe?   Or do you try to pretend that you’re really not angry at all and just hope the feelings will go away?   Most of us express anger in more than one way, but we also tend to be creatures of habit, falling back on a few predictable styles when we feel angry.   Unfortunately, while some styles are appropriate in some situations, others are not — and consistently using an inappropriate style is a sure way to find yourself saddled with a huge anger problem.

This book examines the eleven most common styles of anger expression and helps you learn how to communicate your anger in healthy ways.   Learn which anger styles work for different situations — and which ones lead to certain disaster.   Find out how to become more flexible and creative at expressing your anger.   Once you understand the whole range of anger styles, you’ll be able to better manage angry feelings and use your anger as a positive force for building a better life.

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