Lois Remembers


Memoirs of the Co-Founder of Al-Anon and the Wife of the Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Author: Lois Wilson

Lois W. is the co-founder of the AI-Anon Family Groups, and the widow of Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.   Here she recalls her childhood and life in Brooklyn as the protected daughter of a leading doctor, and her romantic marriage to Bill during World War I.   She also tells how AA and Al-Anon started and how they have brought hope to more than a million alcoholics and those who love them.

In this Al-Anon book, she recalls idyllic summer days in beautiful rural Vermont and long hiking and motorcycling trips with Bill.   Later came darker times when she and Bill tried vainly to conquer his illness of alcoholism.   Then Bill’s spiritual awakening led to his meeting with Dr. Bob S. in Akron, Ohio, and the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Lois tells how the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Traditions grew out of the early experiences of AA members and groups, and were later adopted by Al-Anon.   Her steadfast support and love for Bill were important throughout their marriage, but she found she needed her own program of recovery.   Out of this need and that of other spouses and children of alcoholics grew Al-Anon for alcoholics’ families and friends, and Alateen for their children.

Lois Remembers is the personal story of the co-founders of AA and Al-Anon as Lois recounts it, beginning with the early struggles – some heartbreaking, some hilarious – all from her own unique perspective.