Loving Like You Mean It


Use the Power of Emotional Mindfulness to Transform Your Relationships
Author: Ronald J. Frederick, PhD

You can’t fix what you don’t see.   But with awareness and the right tools, real change can and does happen.

No matter how hard we try, many of us struggle to make love work with our partners.   The problem, as clinical psychologist Dr. Ron Frederick explains, is that our brains are running on outdated software.

Without us knowing it, our early relationship programming causes us to fear being more emotionally present and authentic with our partners – precisely what’s needed to build loving connections.   But we don’t have to remain prisoners to our past.

Grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience and attachment theory, Loving Like You Mean It  shares a proven four-step approach to use emotional mindfulness to break free from old habits, befriend your emotional experience, and develop new ways of relating.   The capacity for deep, loving connections is inside all of us, waiting to come out.   By practicing the science behind loving like you mean it, your relationships can be fuller and richer than you ever imagined.

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