May I Sit With You? A Simple Approach to Meditation


Author: Tom Catton

From Tom Catton, best-selling author of The Mindful Addict, comes an elegant and straightforward guide to meditation.

Meditation is a powerful reflective practice and mental discipline with roots in Southeast Asia and India. Practiced daily by millions of people, meditating is known to boost
mental focus, improve awareness, and reduce stress.

For anyone interested in greater physical and mental health, increased mental clarity, and reduced stress, this step-by-step manual takes readers through mindfulness practices and techniques that yield endless benefits by improving mind-body-spirit consciousness.

In order to assist the reader in finding the right path, the author describes the myriad of meditative practices and disciplines practiced around the world, influencing generations of practitioners who have found a more balanced life consisting of greater peace, harmony, and overall enjoyment.

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