Mindfulness, Meditation, And Mind Fitness


Authors: Joel & Michelle Levey

When it comes to meditating, there are numerous resources out there for the best way to find your zen.   With this inspirational book, Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey have created a complete guide for inner exploration.   By breaking down mindfulness techniques into distinct categories, the Leveys offer readers an easy-to-use resource for meditations.

The Leveys were among the first to bring mind-fitness teachings to mainstream organizations.   Because of their experience and dedication, they are seasoned experts on the topic of meditation.   This spiritual book is a treasury of the wisdom that they have amassed over the years.   Through it, they share the mind-fitness disciplines necessary for personal mastery, wisdom, creativity, compassion, and resilience.

Whether you’re a long-time meditator or you’ve never even tried it before, this book is for you.   The lessons and wisdom found within serve as sources of transformation for all who read it.

From NASA to Google, the Leveys have taught their techniques to people in leading corporations and government organizations everywhere, as well as at universities, medical centers, and more.

  • Dozens of mindfulness techniques
  • Practical wisdom from leading experts on meditation
  • A source of relief from daily stress and exhaustion

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