Wallet Card – My Insanity


This great Laminated Wallet Card features:


And in my hour of quiet desperation I stopped…stood still…and looked inside. All my life it had been there “My insanity”, I lied…thinking I deserved the truth, I cheated….thinking I deserved to win. I stole…thinking I deserved to gain. I held on tight…thinking I deserved to keep. No respect for yours or mine…thinking I deserved reverence. I was angry…thinking I deserved happiness. I hated…thinking deserved love. I was proud…thinking I would know greatness. I rejected GOD….thinking I would find purpose. Need I speak of the pain I’ve known, Need I tell you the fool I’ve been. My insanity I face…My insanity I own…Please help me down my new path, I’ll never make it alone.

D.A. Kerekes

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