Soberpowers: How to Enjoy Sobriety, Live Your Best Life, and Be Free


Author: Drew Millar

It was desperate times for me three years ago.   I was lonely, depressed, fat, and unproductive.   I was the worst version of myself. And I was drinking every day.

Fast forward to now and everything is different.   I’m connected, happy, fit, and I get shit done.   I’m back to being an effective human being.   And I no longer drink.

Actually, the reason that I got my life back on track is because I no longer drink.   That was the unlock for me.   Maybe it can be for you as well.

We are all different, but alcohol is always the same.   It’s quite literally a poison.   And it’s the most abused poison in the world.   Drink enough of it and you will be lonely, depressed, fat, and unproductive.   Just like I was.   And you may also be addicted.

Once you are addicted, it feels like you are in a trap.   Like you have nowhere to go and are overwhelmed by everything.  I know this because I’ve been there.   I know what it’s like to lose everything.

But the good news is that there’s a way out of this trap.   And SoberPowers will show you the way.   The SoberPower Method is how I beat addiction and turned my life around.   It was my way out of the trap.

SoberPowers can help you do the same.   The goal isn’t just to get sober. It’s to be the best version of yourself. It’s to be smarter, fitter, and healthier. So you can be more mindful, more social, and more productive. SoberPowers is how I turned my life around three years ago and it can help you do the same.

If are trying to cut back on your drinking, SoberPowers is for you.   If you want to be supercharge every aspect of your life, you will love this book.   If sitting in boring meetings every day isn’t your thing, let me show you a different approach.

Give sobriety a chance.   Give yourself a chance.   It’s time to get your SoberPowers.

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