The 12 Steps: A Way Out


A Spiritual Process For Healing Damaged Emotions

“The Twelve Steps – A Way Out”  is the first twelve-step workbook published for adults who were reared in addictive and other dysfunctional families.   This Revised Edition continues to be a transformational tool for those who seek healing from the hurtful effects of life events and experiences that influence their current views and choices and  becomes a road map on the journey toward lasting change and healing.   It leads us through a process of self-disclosure by acceptance a power greater than ourselves, rather than relying on our will alone.   The path toward wholeness is one of surrender to our Higher Power.

This book offers a specific format for moving from isolation and denial to acceptance and competence in dealing with feelings of anger, guilt, fear and despair.   By releasing the past and opening up to the present, individuals begin to develop confidence in the realization that they are valuable and worthwhile people.

The workbook adapts the Twelve Steps that were written over seventy five years ago when Alcoholics Anonymous was founded.   This program teaches us how God uses the healing power of the Twelve Steps as a way to restore the lives of countless individuals.   Members of Alcoholics Anonymous carry the healing message to others, acknowledging that they know what it feels like to be broken by life and mended by God.   It is dedicated to all those who have found healing through the twelve-step program, and who continue to choose to share their experience, strength and hope with those still searching.

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