The Art & Science of Meditation


How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice

Author: Lisa Erickson

Refine and Inspire Your Meditation Practice

Take your meditation practice to the next level with this marvelous book on overcoming challenges, enhancing your spirituality, and integrating meditation techniques into your daily life.

The Art & Science of Meditation  is your ideal resource for learning about a wide variety of topics, including the origins of meditation, an overview of the scientific research on it, advice for overcoming common obstacles, guidance for choosing meditation teachers and retreats, and more.

Featuring hands-on exercises to make your meditation more effective as well as science-based advice for using it in your daily life, The Art & Science of Meditation  takes your practice to the next level.  This vital resource provides ways to overcome common obstacles, easy-to-understand explanations of classic spiritual texts, guidance on choosing meditation teachers and retreats, and much more.

Lisa Erickson provides practical, in-depth information drawn from both historical sources and contemporary scientific research.   Easy to personalize to your own needs, this book helps you truly unite your life and meditation practice.