The Gratitude Prescription


Harnessing The Power Of Thankfulness For Healing And Happiness 

Author: Will Pye

Gratitude is more than just a virtue — it’s a gift we give to ourselves.   Written by a spiritual teacher and brain tumor survivor, The Gratitude Prescription  will help you discover love, happiness, and peace of mind everywhere you look.

Painful experiences are an inevitable part of life.   Traumatic events, the deaths of people we love, physical and mental illnesses — we all face challenges and loss in our personal lives that cause us pain, grief, and sorrow.   But what if we could learn to see life as a gift, regardless of our circumstances?   The Gratitude Prescription  will show you how to transform your struggles and suffering, and learn to cultivate unconditional thankfulness, no matter what happens.

If anyone knows about cultivating gratitude in the face of great difficulty, it’s author, mentor, and spiritual teacher Will Pye.   In 2011, Pye was diagnosed with a potentially terminal brain tumor.   By learning to find a way to be thankful for his circumstances and developing his own practice of “radical gratitude”— thankfulness and appreciation for everything, without preference — he transformed his personal story and is now working to proliferate unconditional thankfulness around the world.

With this heartfelt guide — filled with easy-to-follow meditations, affirmations, and exercises to help you find love, happiness, and peace in any moment — you’ll discover the positively transformative powers of gratitude: how it can bring more presence, resilience, and vibrancy into your life.   You’ll also learn to be grateful for your unique talents and creativity, and how to activate this outlook in the face of despair, distress, and unfortunate circumstances.   Finally, you’ll see how being unconditionally thankful reveals our interconnectedness and uplifts us all.