The Mindfulness And Acceptance Workbook For Social Anxiety And Shyness


Using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy To Free Yourself From Fear & Reclaim Your Life

Authors: Jan E. Fleming, MD, Nancy L. Kocovski, PhD, Zindel V. Segal, PhD

A Powerful Step-By-Step Program To Help You:

  • Understand social anxiety in a new way
  • Stop avoiding social situations
  • Speak in public – even with fear and doubt
  • Start participating fully in the life you want

Shyness is a common problem that comes with a high price.   If you suffer from shyness or social anxiety you might avoid social situations and may have trouble connecting with others due to an extreme fear of humiliation, rejection, and judgment.   As a shy person, you may also experience panic attacks that make it even more likely that you’ll avoid social situations.

With The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Social Anxiety and Shyness,  the authors’ acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) program for overcoming shyness has become available to the public for the first time.   This program has been found to be highly effective in research studies for the treatment of social anxiety disorder and related subclinical levels of shyness.

In the first section, you will confront performance fears, test anxiety, shy bladder, and interpersonal fears — fundamental symptoms of social anxiety.   The second part helps you learn psychological flexibility to improve your ability to accept the feelings, thoughts, and behavior that may arise as you learn to work past your anxiety.

By keeping your values front and center, you will gradually learn to move beyond your fears and toward greater social confidence.

With downloadable guided mindfulness meditations and printable worksheets!

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