The Science of Enlightenment: How Meditation Works


Author: Shinzen Young

Enlightenment ― is it a myth or is it real?   Across time and culture, inner explorers have discovered that the liberated state is a natural experience, as real as the sensations you are having right now.

Few teachers achieve clarity with the application of scientific inquiry to these states of consciousness like Shinzen Young.   Now in paperback, The Science of Enlightenment  makes Young’s essential insights available to readers everywhere.

The Science of Enlightenment  merges scientific precision, Young’s grasp of the source-language teachings of many spiritual traditions, and his rare gift for sparking insight upon insight through original analogies and illustrations.  The result: an uncommonly lucid “Aha, now I get it!” guide to mindfulness meditation ― how it works and how to use it to enhance our cognitive capacities, compassion, and experience of happiness independent of conditions.

For meditators of all levels and lineages, this multifaceted wisdom gem will be sure to surprise, provoke, illuminate, and inspire.

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