The Seat Of The Soul


Inspiring Vision of Humanity’s Spiritual Destiny

Author: Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul  encourages you become the authority in your own life.  It will change the way you see the world, interact with other people, and understand your own actions and motivations.  Beginning with evolution, Gary Zukav takes you on a penetrating exploration of the new phase humanity has entered: we are evolving from a species that understands power as the ability to manipulate and control — external power — into a species that understands power as the alignment of the personality with the soul — authentic power.

Our evolution requires each of us to make the values of the soul our own: harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Zukav shows us how to participate fully in this evolution, enlivening our everyday activities and all of our relationships with meaning and purpose.

The Seat of the Soul  has sold millions of copies around the globe, and as it changes lives, more and more people begin to live by the values of the spirit.  Indeed, a new world is emerging, and this book brings its message to you.

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