The Soft Addiction Solution


 Break Free Of The Seemingly Harmless Habits That Keep You From The Life You Want

Author: Judith Wright

Have you ever wondered how you might carve more meaning and purpose out of your crowded days?  The answer is simple: cut out the “soft addictions.”  As Judith Wright reveals in this revised and expanded edition of her classic self – help book There Must Be More Than This, many of us are addicted to seemingly harmless and socially sanctioned habits such as shopping, watching TV, and gossiping-robbing us of our time, clouding our clarity of mind, and masking our deeper longing for lasting joy.

According to Wright, soft addictions are seductive because they satisfy powerful desires-and we easily become hooked because they are perceived as “normal” behavior, behavior that doesn’t seem to demand the extraordinary measures of a drug or alcohol addiction.  Yet soft addictions do call out for action and in this groundbreaking book, Judith Wright explains why they are so damaging and outlines an effective plan for overcoming these negative habits to discover more passion, love, commitment, and meaning in our lives.


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