Wholeness: Healing From Molestation And Sex Addiction


Author: Jason Thompson

This is Jason’s intense and riveting journey through molestation and how that transformed into sex addiction and operating from the spirit of lack and not abundance.   Jason had no clue that being sexually abused would manifest itself into him actually also becoming a sex addict.   His healing was a 10 year journey to bring him to a place of emotional and spiritual wholeness in every area of his life and the path he took to get there.   Once Jason realized and his amazing awakening, his whole life has opened up and flourishing transitioning from a spirit of lack to abundance.

Men all over the world are suffering in silence without a blueprint or path to follow.   Jason’s voice is a blueprint for men and young men all over the world to share their story to help them heal.

The result?  “Healthier men means healthier families and communities.” – Jason T.