Women and Relapse


Part of Hazelden Classics for Continuing Care Series

Author: Suzanne Boylston Cusack, CASAC, NCACII

What happens when a chemically dependent woman, sober for one week, one month, one year, or twenty years, has a relapse?  Does the amount of time make it any better or worse?  Are circumstances leading to relapse different for men and women?  Are the effects of a relapse worse for women than for men?  What about significant others – what are their reactions when a woman, who has been sober, drinks or takes other drugs again?  Are there metabolic differences between relapsing men and women?

This pamphlet explores these questions and other issues, including findings from actual case histories, and raises new questions, new interest, and research in a subject that is still unfamiliar – female addiction.

“The author describes how the causes for relapse among recovering women are often a function of their social roles and the attitudes of others. Drawing on her counseling experiences and case histories. Ms. Cusack details women’s problems in recovery and suggests ways to help avoid relapse.”

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