Yawning Yoga


Author: Laurie Jordan Illustrator: Diana Mayo

PreSchool – Grade 2

A beautiful bedtime routine for yogis of any age!  Even adults can get in touch with their inner child and follow the steps in this book.

Your child will experience 11 different yoga poses meant specifically to help them unwind and settle down before bedtime.

The first page offers tips to readers, including holding each pose for three to five breaths and going through them at a comfortable pace.  Each section describes a child – friendly position, including “dog-tired down dog,” “seashell,” and “jelly belly,” along with its name in Sanskrit and a fun helpful rhyme, an example being, “when muscles feel all tense and tight, I do this stretch each and every night.”

The more complicated poses are accompanied by small instructional images.  Mayo’s lush, colorful illustrations are striking and lend a dreamlike quality to the work.

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