10 Simple Solutions to Panic


How To Overcome Panic Attacks, Calm Physical Symptoms, And Reclaim Your Life

Author: Martin M. Antony, PHD., Randi E. McCabe, PH.D

We all get scared sometimes.   Our hearts race, our breath gets shallow, and our hands and feet turn icy cold – these physical expressions of fear are our normal responses to things that threaten us.

But moments of panic can cause you to experience these feelings with no apparent cause, robbing you of confidence and composure unexpectedly throughout your day.   You deserve to be free from these troublesome moments, and the ten easy and effective techniques you’ll find in 10 Simple Solutions To Panic  make it not only possible but also easy.   Learn how to monitor your episodes of panic, and find out how to replace your anxious, racing inner monologue with calm, realistic thinking.   Discover safe and comfortable ways to face fearful situations.   Breathing exercises, stress reduction techniques round out this approach to overcoming panic that promises to restore your security and peace of mind.

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