12 Steps To An Addictive Free Life – Workbook


Author: Anthony Ordille

The 12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life Workbook  was created as an aid to the guidebook, 12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life. It is not meant to be used alone, so please do not purchase this without first purchasing the guidebook. After you have read over the guidebook and you are ready to work the steps, this workbook will help you layout the foundation for your freedom from addictive behaviors.

There are chapters and steps in this workbook that will be worked over a span of time; therefore, you will be adding to a section at its right time. Some of them will have room for you to write out a statement, or prayer, so you can read it out loud over yourself. You will also add to them as you change the way you see yourself as you become free.

Both books are part of the 12-step program, Addictive Free Life, otherwise known as AFL. AFL is a Christ-centered fellowship where you can learn to overcome your addictive behaviors by applying biblical principles.

This workbook, along with the Guidebook, will help you to grow in your faith, to learn God’s Word, to be an overcomer, and walk over the hurdles that are in your way. Most importantly, it will help you to realize that just because you have made some mistakes, you can have a brighter future.

Take the journey to freedom and see if this path is not the right one for you. Along the way, you will discover who you really are.

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