12 Steps To An Addictive Free Life


Author: Anthony Ordille

We are all affected from some sort of addiction, whether it is substance abuse or behavioral outburst. Some statistics say that roughly one in four Americans can be considered an addict, whether it is alcohol, drugs in any form, gambling, pornography, or anything we cannot live without or stop doing.

12 Steps to Addictive Free Life along with the workbook, will help you overcome the addiction. This guidebook is filled with directions to point you in the right path so that you, or someone you love, can live a life free from the pain that addiction can cause.

Addictive Free Life, (AFL), was developed out of the pain and journey the author experienced, with a goal to help those who have an addiction find a way to put the addictive behavior behind them.

AFL is called to reach out to the hurting, give encouragement to the weak, and extend hope to the lost. To share the truth about the living Word of God and give hope to those who are struggling with addictions of all kinds. To let them know they can recover with God’s help and live a life of freedom from this crippling disease.

Take the journey to freedom and see if this path is not the right one for you. Along the way you will discover who you really are.

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