What’s Wrong With My Kid?


When Drugs or Alcohol Might Be a Problem and What To Do about It

Author: George E Leary Jr.

What’s Wrong with My Kid? is a down-to-earth, judgment-free guide for parents on recognizing the warning signs of alcohol and drug use in their kids, and getting them the help they need to grow and flourish. Raising a teenager is tough, but when you suspect that your kid is abusing substances, and is possibly addicted, it can feel unmanageable – and it can be hard to know where to find sound advice.

Author George E. Leary Jr., MA, was a longtime youth worker when his son became an addict. Through this heart-wrenching experience, he changed his life’s path and committed to working with those with substance abuse problems. In this straightforward and compassionate guide, he applies his personal experience and expertise to explain:

  • the warning signs of drug addiction
  • how to intervene and find treatment for both the teen and the family
  • the nature and biology of addiction, and its cause and effect on developing brains and bodies
  • the co-occurring mental health issues common to teenagers
  • the role of the family in enabling behavior
  • the types of treatment, including the Twelve Step model; and the role of drugs and alcohol in increasing teen suicide rates.

What’s Wrong with My Kid? reveals that you aren’t alone and that steps can be taken to put your family back together.

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