What Went Right


Reframe Your Thinking for a Happier Now

Authors: Michael Wetter, PsyD and Eileen Bailey

Since childhood, our experiences and interactions have shaped the running narrative of who we are and how we view ourselves. When those interactions are painful, many of us have a tendency to internalize the negativity, translating mean or selfish messages given to us by family, friends, or teachers during our youth into truths about who we are – our flaws, failures, and shortcomings.

Through practical, easy-to-understand principles and techniques, as well as real-life examples, What Went Right  teaches you to recognize and intervene on self-defeating thought processes. Through these exercises, you will learn how your thoughts drive feelings that influence your behaviors. By changing your thinking, you can unlock self-affirming feelings and actions needed to become the person you want to be and find happiness now and in the future.

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