My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped
Author: Gregg McBride
Foreword by Joy Bauer

Weightless is the inspiring true story of one man’s triumph in his lifelong struggle with his weight.   It is a compelling tell-all memoir/motivational diet-book hybrid that provides a candid look at a morbidly obese person’s life.

Gregg McBride topped the scales at over 450 pounds by the time he was a young adult.   He describes his many misadventures including pretending airline seatbelts fit across his belly, eating out of the trash to cheat on his diets, and working as an overweight stripper.   Gregg continually tried to win his battle of the bulge, unsuccessfully until he took the journey into self-reflection and self-examination.   Ultimately he was able to free himself from his food addiction and take off more than 250 pounds of excess weight, and keep it off.

Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking in its honesty, Weightless is a tale of “food gone wrong” that chronicles the before, the during, and the after in a way no other book has, and will move, educate, entertain, and inspire anyone who is ready for change.

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