Why Can’t I Stop Eating?


Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Food Addiction

Authors: Debbie Danowski and Pedro Lazaro

This straight-talking book puts the widespread problem of food addiction into clear perspective and points the way to a life free of the obsession with food.

If, like millions of others, you often ask yourself the question Why Can’t I Stop Eating?, you may be addicted to food. The food you eat may be precisely what makes you crave more…and more. Debbie Danowski, whose food addiction nearly ruined her life, and Pedro Lazaro combine forces to give readers a full understanding of this debilitating condition: its sources, patterns, consequences, and physiological underpinnings.

Unlike fad diets and drugs with their side effects, hidden costs, and infamous failure rates, the program outlined in this book goes to the root cause of chronic overeating and puts the tools for a lifelong cure into the hands of anyone willing to accept responsibility for a healthy, happy future.

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