12+2 Steps: Young People in Recovery Workbook


Author: Michael Yeager BA LCDC, C.Ht, RMT, CTC

This workbook comes after 35 years of recovery and working with teens committed to change their addictive and other problematic behavior.   It guides participants through a series of steps already proven to work to help people change their lives.

As (you) do the work you may feel many things you have not felt for a long time.   It takes dedication and a desire to change for these principles to work for you.

You are the magic in this process.   The book looks at the traditional 12 steps from AA and Michael Yeager has added some new language to better fit the needs and reality of young people seeking recovery.   He also added a chapter on challenging and changing negative core beliefs to help young people rethink how they look at themselves.

The last chapter deals with saying goodbye to the pain of lost relationships.   The relationships may be dead or with divorced parents or to a lifestyle, chemicals or behaviors that no longer work for the person.

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