A House Interrupted: A Wife’s Story of Recovering from Her Husband’s Sex Addiction


Author: Maurita Corcoran

A can’t-put-it-down read about a wife’s devastating discovery that her physician husband is a sex addict

Maurita Corcoran‘s world collapsed when she learned that her husband, a successful physician, was a sex addict.   She was suddenly submerged in a world of painful choices about how to rebuild a life for herself and her four children.   This is an absorbing memoir about forgiveness, resilience, and hope.

With the growing public awareness of how pervasive sex addiction has become in our culture, this memoir answers the questions that spouses must face in building lives of self-respect and confidence.   Filled with actual journal entries, this first-hand account will help any spouse or partner who needs to know more about this devastating addictive disease.   Through Ms. Corcoran’s story, readers will gain insights on:

  • what to expect in therapy
  • what children should be told, depending on their ages
  • what extended family members and friends should be told
  • how to deal with relapse
  • how to recover a sense of spirituality

This engaging memoir proves that women can emerge from the betrayal, anger, and heartache to become authentically peaceful and resilient sources of support to other women.