Young Sober and Free


Experience, Strength, and Hope for Young Adults, Second Edition

Author: Shelly Marshall

Offering strategies for getting and staying sober, first-hand stories, and other resources for teens, parents, and professionals, Young, Sober, and Free helps young addicts and alcoholics through recovery.

Real teens tell the real story about getting sober and staying sober in this edgy, winning interpretation of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Shelly Marshall lets her teen contributors speak for themselves (and their words are not sugarcoated), while expertly augmenting the personal stories with discussions about time-honored Twelve Step recovery principles.

Young, Sober, and Free, first published in 1978, aided the recovery of countless young addicts and alcoholics.

This second edition of Young, Sober, and Free, featuring four new stories from teens, is sure to inspire many more.  This book includes

  • first-person stories of overcoming addiction by teens
  • presents strategies for getting sober and staying sober
  • an excellent resource for teens, parents, and professionals
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