Yogic Tools for Recovery Workbook


Author: Kyczy Hawk

Yogic Tools for Recovery Workbook  is an active and personalized way for people in recovery to extend and strengthen their yogic investigation of the Twelve Steps.

Designed for use as a companion to Yogic Tools for Recovery,  this workbook allows a person from any fellowship to document his or her progress through the Twelve Steps.   In the introduction of each step, yogini Kyczy Hawk focuses on a recovery concept and breaks down its healing message, utilizing the wisdom of the yoga sutras.   Then, she leads readers through a self-exploration of the yogic principles aligned with the step, providing introspective questions along with activities such as poses, visualizations, breath practices, and meditations.

By working the steps in this manner, both men and women, regardless of age and physical ability, will learn how to synthesize the artifacts and memories of addiction in a new, holistic way, leading to contentment as they find their true path.

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