A Journey To Healing After Emotional Abuse


Author: Caroline Abbott

A Journey to Healing After Emotional Abuse  is a holistic journey of healing of the mind, body and soul for women who have previously suffered emotional abuse.   Coming from a Christian perspective, the book helps the reader set healthy boundaries with her former abuser, and learn to take care of herself.   It helps her examine any abuse from her childhood, and, if necessary, assists her in seeking counseling.   It gives her pointers for winning custody of her children in family court, then it gently walks with her as she strengthens her relationship with God, while helping her on her path to forgiveness.

Finally, the book helps the reader explore whether she is ready for a new relationship and marriage.   If not, it encourages her to strive for contentment as a single woman who brings glory to God.   If so, it guides her through the steps to finding a godly man who will cherish her as a daughter of the King.


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