The Anger Management Workbook For Women


A 5-Step Guide To Managing Your Emotions And Breaking The Cycle Of Anger

Author: Julie Catalano, MSW, LICSW

Understand, work through, and take control of your anger with this practical 5-step strategy

When women choose to address their anger management problems, they often do so with feelings of shame or regret ― but beginning to work on the issue is a brave first step.   The Anger Management Workbook for Women  provides an actionable plan that will help you understand the source of your anger, release the pervasive guilt that often results from negative behaviors, and learn strategies for managing anger now and in the future.

Using the most up-to-date research, you’ll learn how to approach, assess, and act differently when you are angry.   Take a deep dive into essential advice and strategies for having assertive conversations, asking for what you need and want, requesting behavioral changes from others, and maintaining your progress.

This book about anger management for women includes:

  • Interactive exercises ― Explore worksheets, quizzes, and other activities for assessing negative behavior patterns and discovering how your mind perceives and responds to anger.
  • In-the-moment techniques ― Change your mental and physical reaction to anger-provoking thoughts and situations with strategies you can use in real time.
  • Other women’s stories ― Read compelling stories about other women who have used these techniques to overcome their anger management issues.

No matter what your reason for seeking help with anger management, the guidance, tools, and support in The Anger Management Workbook for Women  can help you take control of your anger and live a healthier, happier life.


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