A Kinder Voice


Releasing Your Inner Critics with Mindfulness Slogans
Author: Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart

You’ve probably heard it said, and have maybe spoken the words yourself, “I am my own worst critic.”  A negative internal commentary contributes to a lack of confidence and low self-worth in many people.

Well-known mindfulness meditation teacher and author Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart offers one of the most effective approaches to calming a self-critical mind: the ancient Buddhist practice of using compassion slogans.  Combining thought-awareness, loving-kindness practice, and mindfulness meditation, this simple, time-tested method can be used throughout the day to quiet your critical voices and ease the mind.  Through short, accessible phrases, you will learn to reorient your thinking when your inner critic shows up.

Instead of making a negative thought stronger by fighting it, you will learn to let thoughts dissipate through lack of attention.  When you remember to “begin kindness with yourself,” you will find that keeping a compassionate perspective on all that you do and say will allow you to give your inner critic a kinder voice.