A Hole In The Sidewalk


The Recovering Person’s Guide to Relapse Prevention Workbook
Revised and Updated
Author: Claudia Black, PhD

People in recovery from addiction need to be aware of the potential for setback and the range of challenges that can, and often do, lead to relapse.  To assume or simply hope it will not occur is denial.   A Hole in the Sidewalk  supports the necessary work required for relapse prevention from all forms of addiction: alcohol and other drugs, nicotine, sex, work, spending, screen, gambling, food, and relationships.

Dr. Black provides robust tools for those who take their recovery seriously and want to maximize their knowledge and take actions to minimize the possibility of a return to active addiction.   Whether or not someone has a history of relapse or wants to be proactive in their effort of avoiding potential stumbling blocks, this newly updated and revised workbook is a major asset in their sustained recovery.

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