A Place Called Self – Workbook Set


Women, Sobriety and Radical Transformation
Book & Companion Workbook
Author: Stephanie Brown, PhD
For many women, newfound sobriety – with its hard-won joys and accomplishments – is often a lonely and unsatisfying experience.   Here, pioneering therapist Stephanie Brown, PhD, helps readers understand that leaving behind the numbing comfort of alcohol or other drugs means you must face yourself, perhaps for the first time.   With personal stories and gentle guidance, Brown helps readers unravel painful truths and confusing feelings in the process of creating a new, true sense of self.
Stephanie Brown explains how the process of becoming addicted requires women to shut down, turn off, and block out much of their true selves.  The process of recovery is a process of self-discovery – of finding and developing the real self, the healthy self.   Stephanie Brown created A Place Called Self: A Companion Workbook to be your personal recovery guide, with instructive insights and revealing questions to help you think of yourself in new ways.
“Recovery is not a move from bad to good, but from false to real. This is the transformation. The point of surrender and new abstinence represents a letting go of the old self… By accepting her loss of control, the woman in recovery opens the door to finding her real, authentic self, the woman she is underneath the layers of defense that have protected her — her false self — perhaps for her entire life.”


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