A New Day A New Life – A Guided Journal


Blending Science & Spirituality
A New Model for Success in Early Recovery
(DVD Included)
Authors: William Cope Moyers and Jodie Carter

A New Day, A New Life  is a practical guide for people in early recovery committed to developing self-awareness and personal clarity – two of the key principles for living free of drugs and alcohol.

Grounded in both addiction science and Twelve Step spirituality, A New Day, A New Life – a guided journal and video – is designed to serve as a steadfast companion for those facing the challenges and joys of early recovery.

The video features an intimate, candid discussion between best-selling author and recovery advocate William Cope Moyers and a diverse group of people in recovery.  By sharing their personal experiences, they give people who are newly sober a breadth of knowledge about what it takes to stay on track.

The journal – consisting of daily inspirational and educational messages, meditations, prayers, and affirmations, as well as space for writing thoughts and feelings – helps readers connect the knowledge that they have drawn from the video to their own experiences with addiction and sobriety.

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