A Sponsorship Guide For 12-Step Programs


The Only Book Available That Discusses The Issues And Dilemmas That Arise When Anyone Agrees To Be A Sponsor

Author: M.T.

A Sponsorship Guide for 12-Step Programs  offers the reader far-ranging suggestions, based on concrete experience, for the most common issues and dilemma that arise when one agrees to become a sponsor in any 12-step program.

Seventeen sponsors (with collective recovery time of over 250 years) share their experience and insights as they describe common situations sponsors face and relate the solutions they used.   This is the first book of its kind – for sponsors, by sponsors.

Divided into three main sections:

  1. Sponsorship Basics
  2. Working the Steps with a Sponsee
  3. Common issues that Come Up

This book will be of use to anyone who has agreed to be a sponsor, or anyone who does not have access to a sponsor.

A Sponsorship Guide  is like having a sponsor in a book.

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