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The 12-Step Plan to Recovery and Healing from Alcohol & Drugs

Author: James S. Cusack, NCAC II, CAC, CSAC

James S. Cusack has been helping people addicted to alcohol and drugs for over 35 years.   A recovered alcoholic himself, he started on the road to recovery in 1952 working with Alcoholics Anonymous.

By embracing the self-help philosophy used in 12-Step programs, Jim has been helping people recover to this day.   Detox facilities didn’t exist when Jim started his work, but armed with warmth and caring, he began touching people’s lives.  By hard work and some rehab training courses, Jim founded Glenacre Lodge that became one of the first rehab centers of its kind.   Continuing the philosophy established by his work at Glenacre Lodge, Jim founded Veritas Villa, an internationally recognized model for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency.   Among the first to become a Credentialed Alcoholism Counselor (CAC), Jim helped establish New York State requirements for alcoholism counselors.   He is married and still lives in his native state of New York.

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