Anger Management: A Comprehensive Self-Help guide


… To Managing Anger, Reducing Anxiety, and Mastering Your Emotions!

Author: Christopher Rance

This book covers the topic of anger, and how to manage it when it gets out of control.   Anger can be a healthy emotion when expressed appropriately.   It can be the catalyst for positive change in a person’s life, and even a motivator for people to take action against injustice.

When anger is out of control however, it can be a destructive force that negatively affects a person’s personal life, professional life, and the lives of people around them.

Inside, we will discuss the many different facets of anger, and how to identify what may be causing your anger in the first place.   Also included is a chapter on how to help a loved one manage their emotions and appropriately deal with their anger issues.

You will also learn about the many ways that excessive anger can be addressed and managed.   At the completion of this book, you will have a good understanding of anger management, and have the knowledge necessary to create a treatment plan to effectively manage and improve your anger.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn About Inside…

  • What Causes Anger Issues
  • Types Of Anger Issues
  • Strategies For Managing Anger
  • How To Help Your Loved Ones Deal With Anger Issues
  • The Relationship Between Anger, Anxiety, And Stress
  • How To Solve Problems Without Anger
  • How To Create A Treatment Plan For Managing Your Anger
  • Much, Much More!


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